Our Services


We facilitate sourcing of products within the scope of our portfolio. Our sourcing channels network exist in key global markets and across geopolitical boundaries. We have our associates in India, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Europe.

About Us

Identify The Commodity

Gather all requirements of the product including and not limited to required quality, grade, specifications, preferred origin, packaging and shipping timelines.


Trade is facilitated by us within timelines, in line logistics and safe and efficient trading routes covering air, sea or land.

Trade The Commodity

Proceed to close the contract and ensure timely delivery of the product to the end user or associate.

What We Do

The diversity of products and client segments is a distinguishing factor for us. Our services facilitate tonnage movement globally in energy and agricultural commodities mainly. We work collaboratively with our partners to try and arrive at the best long-term solutions, which we deliver efficiently, safely and responsibly.

The entrepreneurial nature of the business remains key behind the thinking, culture and strategic planning that we work on. Our management is global and diverse as our business and set high standards of efficiency in dealing with clients. We are all about providing premium service in the supply of grade A commodities from efficient supply sources.

Source The Commodity

Secure and source the best available of the specific commodity within the stipulated timelines. Supply matches the requirements of the specific product and particular grade. 

The Process

Portfolio Of Commodities

Our Portfolio of commodities are varied and procured from multiple global yards. We are well known in the business for offering verified and vetted premium quality product and from able and reputed sources.


We work with secure contracts following global norms and safe banking practices, ideally a top 25 international bank.